How to configure Asset Intelligence correctly in SCCM 2012

This week I was at a customer who wanted to have a better overview of  purchased licenses. SCCM 2012 allows you to import a General License Statement file and compare the data with inventoried software in your environment.
This guide will show you how to create the GLS-file and how to get started.

This guide requires that you have already configured Software Invenory and applied the policy to the clients.

Start by opening “Inventoried Software” under “Asset Intelligence”.
The software listed in the right-side window needs to be added to the GLS.csv file exactly as it is listed.


Download GLS.csv here: GLS

The only required fields to edit are the following, but the more data you enter, the more information you will get:

  • Name
  • Vendor
  • Version

Save the file to a network-location that your SCCM-server can reach.
Once done, right click the “Asset Intelligence” folder and chose “Import Software Licenses” to start the wizard.

Click on the General License Statement (.csv) radio button and browse to the csv-file you created.


Press next and complete the wizard.

When the file has been imported, you are able to run the following report to see a complete list of how your license are being used.

License 15A – General License reconciliation

If the import fails, make sure that all fields are entered correctly and that there are no double entries in the csv-file.
The file also needs to be saved as a csv-file, so if you’ve opened it in Excel to edit it, make sure that all headers are still in place.

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