Normally I don’t write about non-Microsoft applications or problems, but this one is too good to miss out on.

When it comes to monitoring our system, client OS in this case, there are about as many applications as there are people interested in it and everyone has their own favorite.
I have tested multiple software and all have been good, but they have all been missing something that the other one has.

Now NZXT has released their software called CAM, an application that will monitor everything from temperatures, fan speeds, bandwidth and resource usage, all displayed in a modern GUI.

The big thing that got me interested in this application is that you can, for free, sign up for their cloud service that will allow you to check your system and make changes to CAM from everywhere.
In june, there will also be an app available from NZXT for both Android and iOS.

The application can be downloaded from HERE

Video from NZXT

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