There are no task sequences advertised to this client

A few days ago I stumbled upon this problem, everything was working fine on Friday afternoon, but when I started again on Monday nothing worked and no changes had been made.

I was working on creating a new base image for a customer and after it completed I started an installation with the new media on the same client. Unfortunatley it failed, which was good for me since I spotted an error in the build and needed to create a new image.

I added the client to the collection used for capture and booted up, receiving this annoying error. Looking at the smsts.log gave me nothing more and I started looking at other places with no luck. But then it hit me! The installation I tried Friday night had another error in it, the account used for joining the client to the domain didn’t have the correct permissions, making the client a member of a workgroup instead.

Since the sccm client was already installed and configured with the correct SMSMP and everything it could still contact the MP to continue the installation. The problem is that the client isn’t approved in SCCM when this happens. So the simple solution was to add the column “Approved” to confirm it, then right clicking the object and pressing “Approve”

In default view, this column isn’t shown, so I didn’t even think about it!

After this, I booted up the client once again and I was able to choose the TS I wanted to run again.

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