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KB3159706 breaks WSUS

Apparently KB3159706 breaks WSUS for some of my customers. I’ve had a few calls where they say that WSUS doesn’t work any longer or that the Software Update Point in Configuration Manager is generating errors.

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PowerShell Variables

Variables in PowerShell is used in almost every script, if not all of them. Variables allows us to save information that we can use later on in our script. To save a value in a variable, we simply type: $Number = … Continue reading

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PowerShell Guides

For a long time I was writing all my scripts in VB, something that at the time was powerful, and still is in certain areas. Long after PowerShell was introduced I still wrote most of my scripts in VB, thinking … Continue reading

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Install Silverlight silently

Another application that is common in almost all environments is Silverlight, so in this post I will show you how to install Silverlight silently in three ways.

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Privacy in Windows 10

Looking around at different websites and forums, the main issue people have with Windows 10 is that “everything you do is monitored”. Or that is what people think at least. This question has been raised among a few of my … Continue reading

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Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL listed in MS store

Today Microsoft listed the Lumia 950 and 950XL by mistake on their UK store. No prices were set and the links didn’t work, but it still confirms some of the specs! Looking at the specification that lists 2TB microSD might give … Continue reading

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Query SQL database from PowerShell

I’ve been working on a larger script where I needed to query a database to see if a value was present or not, something I thought was pretty much straight forward. However, this turned out to be a bit harder … Continue reading

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Install SQL Server PowerShell Module (SQLPS)

When installing SQL server, the PowerShell modules are installed by default, but if you wan’t to run scripts or commands from a computer/server that hasn’t got an installation of SQL, you need to install these manually.

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Deploying the App-V 5.0 Client Using Configuration Manager 2012

Integrating App/V 5.0 with SCCM has many advantages, one of the bigger being able to remove one server from your environment and another is to keep better track of your applications. All of sudden, you are no longer required to … Continue reading

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