Hyper-V, Server 2012 R2 – Cannot find the Microsoft License Terms

Today I needed to install a Server 2012 R2 for testing WSUS configurations, and since my current laptop doesn’t rank among the top 10 models when looking at RAM, I thought that 512 MB was enough for the purpose. Sure, I’ll grow gray hair before it’s done installing, but that’s another story.

Now, when booting the client I created I got a pretty vague error message as seen here:


At first I thought that the ISO I used was corrupt, so I downloaded a new one from Microsoft, but got the same result. Okay, the ISO must be corrupt from the begging on the server I thought, so I tried with another one that I got from a colleague. This gave me the exact same error…

Now, enough of background stories that no one cares about and on to the solution. Simply enough, increase the amount of RAM that you have given the machine and it will install just as it should do!

After playing with the values, 576 MB of RAM seems to be the lowest amount you can set before this issue occurs.

Hope this will help someone else that experience the same problem!

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