Site has moved to a new home + new features

After one year, using WordPress as host, I decided it was time to move to a more permanent home.

During the upcoming weeks, the design of the site will change and it might be unavailable during this time and/or not showing the content correctly but I hope┬áthis won’t affect you too much!

On the brighter side, I’ve set up a forum that is open for anyone to use.
Feel free to create your own account and start asking questions, give me tips on what to needs to be improved and what you are missing on the site.

In the near future, a new part on the site will be opened that will contain guides, tips and tricks for beginners. Right now, most of the posts are for professionals and the above average user. I hope to be able to share my knowledge in operating systems with beginners and people who are using their computers for office use only as well.

So if you have any ideas, please post them in a comment below, send me a tweet at twitter or better up, register at the forum and start a new thread!

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