PowerShell Guides

For a long time I was writing all my scripts in VB, something that at the time was powerful, and still is in certain areas. Long after PowerShell was introduced I still wrote most of my scripts in VB, thinking it was easier and I din’t really have the time to learn something new at the time.

But a few years ago, in 2008, I started to see the benefit of using PowerShell instead for almost all of my scripts and today when I see an old VB-Script I just want to rewrite it to PowerShell!

A lot of my friends still think that PowerShell is hard to learn, it just looks complicated and the question “Why do I need it?” is more or less always asked. So today I’ve decided that I will start to write more practical PowerShell guides that not only tells how to do it, but also shows the potential of PowerShell.

The following lists will be updated with new guides, so even if it might look empty at the time of writing, more will come! Let me know if there is something special that you want me to write about or just for general questions and I will answer as soon as I can!

The Basics

Good to know





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